Most frequent questions and answers

Upon submission of your request, we will be in contact with you to clarify your specific goals. Together, we will make a plan of action on the best way to accomplish your goals. This coaching will be either virtual or face to face interactions. 

This coaching is designed to hand walk you through your fitness success. Personally designed programs, nutrition plans, and open lines of communication is just a taste of how invested your coaches will be in your progress.

There will be weekly check-ins, either phone call or face time.

We are always open to communication with clients. You have the option to email or text questions, concerns, or just to chat throughout the week. 

The length of your coaching will be decided between you and your coaches recommendation. 

  1. Diversity speaks within our training, breaking any plateau will be easy.
  2.  Knowledgable in a wide variety of fitness, not just one training style. There is a lot we can offer to make your training unique.
  3. Interacting with people is our strong suit, meshing with different people is comfortable to us.
  4. Feel confident, knowing we care about coaching you! Your progress represents our techniques. 

The price of the coaching is dependent upon the services you request and the length of the coaching needed. 

This will be discussed before moving into the coaching.

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