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January 26, 2024

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7:00 pm

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Anytime Fitness

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Our goals

  • Main Goal
    Increase Strength
  • Workout Type
  • Training Level
  • Program Duration8 weeks!
  • Days Per Week
  • Time Per Workout60 minutes
  • Equipment Required
    Barbell, Cables, Dumbbells, Machines
  • Target Gender Male & Female
  • Recommended Supps
    BCAAs (optional)

FAQ’s Before We Start

Who are these workouts for?

Beginners and intermediate lifters that are prioritizing strength will see the best results from a program like this. Advanced lifters and competitive powerlifters may not see as much improvement, but they can certainly use this as a way to break the monotony of a previous program they were on.

Will this help me build muscle or lose fat?

You might notice some body composition changes if you’re following a nutrition plan that supports those goals. When it comes to fat loss, your cardio commitment will also play a role in that. To be clear, that is not the purpose of this program. This is designed and focused on strength.

Can I substitute exercises?

You can’t substitute the first lift of each workout. That is how you’re going to gauge the progress you make. If you can’t do them, then this is also not the program for you. As for the other exercises, if you need to swap something out because of the lack of equipment, just make sure you use something that works the same muscle. Our Exercise Database section has a lot of awesome choices to consider.

These workouts are short. Can I combine them or cut rest time to make it quicker or fit my schedule?

If you feel you can cut sometime between sets, then that would be ok. I do not recommend combining workouts, so you have fewer days to train. These are meant for you to get in, train hard, and get out. Each muscle group also has ample time to work and recover.

There aren’t enough exercises to target a specific muscle. Can I add those in?

If developing specific muscles are your focus, then you should also consider another program. Training for strength is different than training for hypertrophy. You’re using the weights and exercises for a different purpose. I do not recommend adding movements except if you want to add your own ab training into the program.


Max Out on These Lifts

Before you start the training, you will need to know where you’re starting at. So, you should max out on the following lifts over the course of a week.

  • Squat
  • Bench Press
  • Deadlift
  • Standing Barbell Press
  • Bent-Over Barbell Row

Max out on one lift each day. Don’t combine max-out days because the max on the second lift may be compromised. I suggest doing three to five warm-up sets followed by three singles to come up with your number. The final weight you succeed with is your max.

Recommended: The Best 15-Minute Warm-Ups

An example of maxing out for a squat may look like this:

  • 95 pounds x 5 reps
  • 135 pounds x 5 reps
  • 185 pounds x 3 reps
  • 205 pounds x 3 reps
  • 225 pounds x 1 rep
  • 245 pounds x 1 rep
  • 255 pounds x 1 rep

The weights listed are only examples. The weight you use could be lighter or heavier. Find those numbers and log them because you’ll need them.


The Workouts

The goal is to train five days in a row with two days off. If you need to take a day off in between because of your school or work schedule, that is ok. Just make sure you take two complete days off from weight training a week. Light to moderate cardio is ok, but you shouldn’t push it.

The lifts you max out on are the opening lifts of each workout. Once you warm up, you will perform five working sets with the same weight. The weight you use will be a percentage of your max. That percentage will change each week. The chart below will show you what weights to use each week. This applies to all five opening lifts – squat, bench press, deadlift, standing barbell press, and bent-over barbell row. Rest for three minutes between each set of the opening lifts and two minutes between all other sets.

WeekSets/Reps Percentages
Week 1Max Out Week (test your baseline)
Week 25 sets of 4 with 80% of your max
Week 35 sets of 3 with 85% of your max
Week 45 sets of 2 with 90% of your max
Week 54 sets of 4 with 80% of your max
Week 64 sets of 3 with 85% of your max
Week 74 sets of 2 with 90% of your max
Week 8Max Out Week (retest)

On the eighth week, you’ll test out all five lifts again as you did in the first week. You should notice an improvement in all of them, but the amount of improvement will vary from person to person. You may also see more improvement in one lift than another.

Below are the workouts you will follow for the next seven weeks after your first max-out week.

Monday – Squat

SquatSee ChartSee Chart
Front Squat35
Bulgarian Split Squat38
Leg Extension38

Tuesday – Bench Press

Bench PressSee ChartSee Chart
Incline Bench Press35
Dumbbell Fly38
Triceps Dips38

Wednesday – Deadlift

DeadliftSee ChartSee Chart
Good Mornings35
Lying Leg Curl38
Walking Lunge38

Thursday – Standing Barbell Press

Standing Barbell PressSee ChartSee Chart
Front Raise35
Seated Lateral Raise38
Rope Triceps Extension38

Friday – Bent-Over Barbell Row

Bent-Over Barbell RowSee ChartSee Chart
Pull Up or Lat Pull Down35
Rear Lateral Raise38
Incline Dumbbell Curl38


Some of you reading this may be wanting to lose weight, but restricting calories too much could hurt your strength cause. If you want a general guideline to follow, I would suggest sticking to these macro goals every day.

  • Protein – .75 -1 gram per pound of bodyweight
  • Fats – .5 grams per pound of bodyweight
  • Carbs – 1 gram per pound of bodyweight
  • Water – 1 gallon per day

You can break that up over 5-6 meals, so they are smaller, or in three meals if that suits you best.

Ready to get started?

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  • Anytime Fitness
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Workout Schedule Details

  • January 26, 2024 7:00 pm   -   8:00 pm
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