“Havoc” is Circus Maximus’ highly anticipated fourth studio album and one that will certainly make a huge impact on the Progressive Metal scene. Circus Maximus is a Norwegian progressive metal quintet from Oslo. Circus Maximus - - Note de 5 sur la base de 108 avis «One of the best prog metal bands ever!

There are multiple artists with this name: 1) A Norwegian progressive metal band. The band’s musical formula is not easy to pull off. They employ the use of symphonic and power metal influences that feature synthesizers, as well as soaring clean vocals.

Country of origin: Norway Location: Oslo Status: Active Formed in: 2000 Genre: Power/Progressive Metal Lyrical themes: Morality, Humanity, Spiritual conflict The Show: 11:40 Namaste 15:50 The One 20:45 Arrival Of Love 25:30 I Am 31:55 Abyss 37:56 Alive 45:02 Game Of Life 50:40 Last Goodbye Circus Maximus biography Founded in Oslo, Norway in 2000 Norwegian CIRCUS MAXIMUS became a full line up in 2000, consisting of long time band-mates Michael Eriksen on vocals and brothers Mats & Truls Haugen on guitar and drums respectively. 1) Circus Maximus is a progressive metal band from Oslo, Norway.
Circus Maximus Live From LoudPark 2012 Full concert and documentary. 2) An American 60's psychedelic rock band. In 2000 long-time band mates Michael Eriksen (vocals) and brothers Mats (guitar) and Truls Haugen (drums) were joined by keyboard genius Espen Storø and Glen Cato Møllen on bass to form Circus Maximus. 1080p HD, Audio:2ch **WATCH IN HD** Subtitled: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish.